Sales Performance Challenge

Next Steps in the Application Process - Sales and Marketing Specialist

Dear Candidates,

Thank you for your interest in the Sales and Marketing Specialist position at We appreciate your enthusiasm and the effort you've put into your application.

Job Interviews: 

Sales Performance Challenge is to identify and select the most qualified applicants for Sales and Marketing Specialist position at Interviews will be scheduled after successfully passing this challenge stage. We appreciate your understanding as we work to ensure that candidates moving forward have demonstrated their sales skills and commitment.

Once again, please note that job interviews will be conducted as the next stage of our application process once you successfully complete this phase and meet the challenge requirements.

Next Steps:

1. Register as a Normal Customer: To proceed, please register as a Sales Agent on our platform using the following link: [Registration Link]. This step is essential as it will provide you with the authority to access the sales agent dashboard.



2. Access the Sales Agent Dashboard: Once you have registered, our team will grant you access to the sales agent dashboard. This dashboard will be your primary tool for processing sales, tracking your performance, your earning, and monitoring your progress during the Sales Performance Challenge.



Dashboard Tools: The Sales Agent Dashboard provides you with a range of powerful tools to help you succeed in your role:

  • Sales Agent ID Link Sharing: You can share your affiliate link for customer registration or generate specific affiliate links for each product. Earnings are calculated automatically when customers follow the requirements.
  • Checkout Cart Sharing: Share checkout carts directly with your customers for a seamless shopping experience.
  • Discount Coupon Generation: Generate discount coupons to offer your customers exclusive deals and promotions.

3. Sales Performance Challenge Reminder: As a reminder, the Sales Performance Challenge is a crucial part of this application process. The challenge involves achieving a sales target of BHD10,000 (AED100,000) during the specified timeframe. Upon reaching this target, you will earn a commission of 7%. Furthermore, if you exceed BHD18,000 (AED180,000) in sales, you will be eligible for a commission of 12%. Successfully meeting this challenge will secure your position for the final hiring screening stage.

Challenge Details:

  • Duration: One Month.
  • Sales Target: BHD10,000 (AED100,000).
  • Commission: 7%.   -  Exceed BHD 18,000 (AED180,000) in Sales for a 12% Commission.

Please note that while the sales target may seem high initially, it's important to recognize that just a few successful sales of our higher-value packages, can significantly contribute to meeting or exceeding the target. We offer a range of products and services to cater to various customer needs, and your sales strategy can be tailored to match these diverse offerings.

Additional Information: We want to clarify that our sales agents will receive a commission percentage even if they do not meet the BHD10,000 target, provided that your sales amount to a minimum of BHD200 (AED 2,000), and all orders are completed without cancellations by the customers. This ensures that your efforts are rewarded, even if you don't reach the target.

Flexibility for Sales Agents: We value the commitment and dedication of our sales agents. If any sales agent is unable to reach the target within the initial challenge period, we understand that circumstances may vary. We can evaluate individual cases and consider extensions to the challenge period to allow you to continue working toward your target. Additionally, if you prefer a commission-based affiliate role, we can discuss this option to match your preferences and strengths.

Sales Across GCC Market: Our sales agents have the freedom to sell to any customer within the GCC market. This provides you with a wide-ranging market to explore and cater to.

Innovation and Collaboration: At, we are open to innovation and collaboration. We encourage all sales agents to share their ideas and suggestions for:

  • Developing new services or products subject to market needs.
  • Initiating projects based on client requirements.
  • Enhancing our existing offerings.

You can submit your suggestions and requirements through the sales agent dashboard. We believe that your insights and creativity can contribute to our growth and success.

Payment Flexibility for Customers: We take pride in offering our customers a range of payment methods, including Buy Now Pay Later options. This means customers can split their orders into four interest-free payments using tabby. This feature provides our sales agents with a valuable tool to enhance sales and cater to the needs of a diverse customer base.

Payment Processing and Account Security: To facilitate commission payments, please ensure that you fill in your accurate bank details within the Sales Agent Dashboard. Payment processing will occur after one month and is contingent on all your customers' orders having a completed status. It is crucial that you verify and secure your account details for timely and smooth payments.

If you have any questions or require assistance during this process, please do not hesitate to reach out to our support team through Dashboard Messaging or  at email: . We are here to support you every step of the way.

Thank you once again for your interest in We look forward to seeing you excel in the Sales Performance Challenge and potentially joining our team as a Marketing and Sales Specialist.

Best Regards,


Bridemoon Team

What is the Sales Performance Challenge at

The Sales Performance Challenge is a crucial part of the application process for the Sales and Marketing Specialist position at It involves achieving a sales target within a specified timeframe.

What are the specific steps in the challenge?

Here are the steps involved in the challenge:

  1. Register as a Normal Customer on our platform.
  2. Access the Sales Agent Dashboard, which is your primary tool for sales, performance tracking, and earnings monitoring.
  3. Successfully meet the sales target of BHD10,000 within one month to secure a commission of 7%. Exceeding BHD18,000 in sales will grant you a commission of 12%.
Why is there a Sales Performance Challenge?

The Sales Performance Challenge is designed to identify and select the most qualified candidates for the Sales and Marketing Specialist position at It allows us to evaluate candidates’ sales skills and commitment before proceeding to the interview stage.

What's the purpose of setting a sales target?

Setting a sales target helps us ensure that candidates have a genuine interest in sales and can meet the demands of the role. It also reflects the performance expectations of the position.

Why do you emphasize exceeding the sales target?

Exceeding the sales target demonstrates not only competence but also exceptional performance. It reflects your ability to excel in a competitive market.

How does the Sales Performance Challenge benefit candidates?

The challenge provides candidates with an opportunity to showcase their sales skills and commitment. Successfully completing it secures a position in the final hiring screening stage.

Why does the challenge have a time limit?

The time limit ensures that candidates can work effectively under pressure and meet deadlines, a crucial skill for sales and marketing professionals.

Why is there a minimum sales amount required even if I don't reach the target?

The minimum sales amount ensures that candidates are actively participating and making genuine sales efforts. It also rewards your effort even if you fall short of the target.

What if I'm not interested in a sales role after completing the challenge?

Completing the challenge is not solely for sales roles. If you find that a sales role isn’t your preference, we can explore commission-based affiliate positions.

Why does the challenge apply to all applicants?

The challenge is a fair way to assess all candidates’ qualifications objectively. It helps us identify the most suitable candidates for the position.

How can I meet the sales target?

 You can meet the target by promoting and selling’s products and services to customers within the GCC market. There’s flexibility in the types of products and services you can offer.

What if I can't meet the target within the initial challenge period?

We understand that circumstances may vary. If you can’t reach the target, we can evaluate individual cases and consider extending the challenge period to give you more time. Alternatively, you can discuss switching to a commission-based affiliate role with us.

How do I get paid for my sales efforts?

Commissions are paid based on the sales you generate. The payment will be processed after one month, and it’s contingent on all your customers’ orders having a completed status. Ensure your bank details in the Sales Agent Dashboard are correct for timely payments.

How can I ensure a smooth payment process for my commissions?

To ensure timely commission payments, it’s essential to provide accurate bank details within the Sales Agent Dashboard and ensure that all customer orders have a completed status.

Can I participate in the challenge from outside of Bahrain?

 Yes, you can. operates within the GCC market, so you can participate and sell to customers within this region.

What happens after I successfully meet the challenge requirements?

Once you pass this stage, you will be shortlisted for a permanent position as a Sales and Marketing Specialist, and job interviews will be scheduled.

How do I access the Sales Agent Dashboard and what tools does it provide?

To access the Sales Agent Dashboard, you need to register as a normal customer on the platform. This dashboard provides tools for sharing affiliate links, sharing checkout carts, generating discount coupons, and tracking your sales and earnings.

Can I suggest new services or products for

Yes, we encourage sales agents to share their ideas and suggestions for developing new services or products based on market needs, initiating projects based on client requirements, or enhancing our existing offerings. You can submit your suggestions through the Sales Agent Dashboard.

Is there a budget provided for sales agents participating in the challenge?

No budget is provided upfront. Instead, you have the opportunity to earn commissions based on the sales you generate. This ensures that your earnings are directly tied to your sales performance and efforts.

What happens if I don't participate in the challenge?

The challenge is a mandatory step in our application process. Candidates who do not participate will not progress to the interview stage.

What happens if I don't pass the challenge?

Candidates who do not pass the challenge will not proceed to the interview stage. However, they are welcome to explore other roles or opportunities within